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Relations with Clients – Focusing on the Client

We Hear our Clients
We offer services adjusted to the Clients’ needs, we communicate with them in an understandable way, but most of all – we listen to their voice by e.g. the Client Satisfaction Survey, which is a form on our website. We constantly improve the forms of dialogue with the Clients.

Responsibility for the Quality
We are responsible for the quality of our client service at each stage of our work. Starting from the acquisition of information concerning a potential client, through posting an offer and the entire time of delivery, up to the accounting and after-sales support.

Service Team Dedication
To achieve our goals, it is necessary to have a highly professional service team which conducts periodic inspections and repairs of our fleet, thus ensuring the continuity of our services. Our clients can be sure that their cargo reaches the destination safely and in time.

Honesty and Transparency
Our replies to offer enquiries are made honestly and in a transparent manner. We do not hide any costs. We inform the client about all situations which may result in changing the final cost of the service as soon as possible.

Ethical Rules
The trust of our clients is of highest importance to us. That is why we pay special attention to the right ethical attitudes of our employees. We take care so that our activities and correspondence with our clients are legal and in line with the best practices.

Global Approach
We create an image of a professional company. The employee who closes the process of sales is the driver. Their conduct and appearance is specified in the "Driver’s Manual".

Solid Foundations and Reliability
Due to our long-standing experience of 20 years in the market, we have gained a reputation as a reliable and solid business partner. Achieving that would not be possible without credible and professional subcontractors, including the companies which escort our transports, organize permits, the manufacturers of special fleet and the insurance providers.

Cooperation with Suppliers
Building partnerlike relations with our suppliers is of great significance to us. Thanks to the good cooperation with the suppliers we introduce the best market practices. We have taken a series of actions to unify our conduct in relations with suppliers, that is – among other things – we apprise the quality of our suppliers’ work on a yearly basis.

We do not leave the Client alone with their problems during the logistic operations. We provide comprehensive services for oversized logistics from planning through delivery up to after-sales support. The Client can always count on us.

Responsibility for the Client’s Image
We assume that Clients who order a transport of their cargo place their trust in us. We respect that and this is why we continuously train our employees so that they are able to represent our company in the best way possible, and thus also represent our client in the whole logistic process. Our image, as well as the Client’s, relies on the presentation of our equipment and our employees and what they stand for.

for 34 years

History 20142015

The ZTE company currently owns 62 trucks and 67 specialized semi-trailers for untypical loads.

History 20092009

Establishment of close relations as a service partner with Faymonville - the leading manufacturer of special trailers.

History 20052005

Obtaining the first BVQi certificate for the Management System in line with ISO 9001:2000.

History 20001998-2005

Time of purchasing new equipment and developing the potential of the company; establishing the company’s position.

History 19981998

The purchase of real estate - the area of a former "Michał" coal mine and its redevelopment into the new seat of the company.

History 19961996

Purchase of ZTE Katowice company and its inclusion in the structures of Gola.

History 19901990

The commencement of oversized transport activities under the GOLA Sp z o.o. company.

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