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Eco-driving training

11 June 2014

The long-lasting cooperation of ZTE with the leading manufacturer of modern trucks - the Scania company - has resulted in a common training project.

The abilities of the ZTE drivers have been reinforced by a series of eco-driving trainings. Under the supervision of a qualified instructor, the drivers perfected their technique to make it even safer, more cost efficient and less detrimental to the environment.

In the Scania vehicles, eco-driving is supported by the Scania Driver Support system, thanks to which the drivers may independently control their driving technique on a current basis and correct any possible shortcomings and thus improve their skills.

The system assists the strengthening of practices learned in training. Its operation is focused on elements that have a significant influence on safety and fuel consumption. The Scania Driver Support system monitors the driver’s activity by a continuous analysis of data obtained from various sensors in the vehicle. It provides the driver with valuable hints on a current basis and presents a summary including the appraisal of driving style at the end of a route.

See our photo-gallery of the training.

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The ZTE company currently owns 62 trucks and 67 specialized semi-trailers for untypical loads.

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Establishment of close relations as a service partner with Faymonville - the leading manufacturer of special trailers.

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Obtaining the first BVQi certificate for the Management System in line with ISO 9001:2000.

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Time of purchasing new equipment and developing the potential of the company; establishing the company’s position.

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Purchase of ZTE Katowice company and its inclusion in the structures of Gola.

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The commencement of oversized transport activities under the GOLA Sp z o.o. company.

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