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Video from the transport of chimneys

16 June 2017

ZTE provided other transport of large-sized cargo. This time, these were large industrial chimneys. The whole sets were 38 m long, 4.50 m wide and 4.68 m high. They weighted 87 tonnes. See the video, which shows, among others, difficulties that ZTE drivers and follow-me car operators have to face during loading and carriage operations.

for 34 years

History 20142015

The ZTE company currently owns 62 trucks and 67 specialized semi-trailers for untypical loads.

History 20092009

Establishment of close relations as a service partner with Faymonville - the leading manufacturer of special trailers.

History 20052005

Obtaining the first BVQi certificate for the Management System in line with ISO 9001:2000.

History 20001998-2005

Time of purchasing new equipment and developing the potential of the company; establishing the company’s position.

History 19981998

The purchase of real estate - the area of a former "Michał" coal mine and its redevelopment into the new seat of the company.

History 19961996

Purchase of ZTE Katowice company and its inclusion in the structures of Gola.

History 19901990

The commencement of oversized transport activities under the GOLA Sp z o.o. company.

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